COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – On the morning of Tuesday April 11, Senator Jon Ossoff visited Columbus Fire Station #9 to speak to local firefighters and members of the press about the Fire Grants and Safety Act bill.

“It’s about that worst nightmare scenario for any family,” Ossoff said as he explained that he has a baby at home and described a fire scenario with a family in danger.

If passed the bill would provide funding which would help fire stations acquire equipment for removing harmful chemicals from firefighters’ gear. Ossoff predicted that bill would reach the senate floor within a few weeks with the help of a final push.

“There’s so much division in politics. We cannot let political divisions prevent us from doing what’s right for this community,” Ossoff said in regards to providing the equipment needed to keep firefighters safe.

Ossoff said, “My job is to help make sure that they [firefighters] have what they need to do their job.”

According to Columbus Consolidated Government Fire Chief Sal Scarpa, Columbus firefighters have benefited since receiving $200,000 in association with the grant two years ago.

“I want to thank you, senator, for making our firefighters safer by providing this grand opportunity,” Scarpa said. He explained that the money was used on excavators and dryers which the fire station uses to remove chemical contaminants from firefighter uniforms.

In addition to the Fire Grants and Safety Act, Columbus Consolidated Government Fire Marshall John Shull said that there are also other initiatives in the works which will help improve community safety.

On April 22, the Columbus Consolidated Government will work with the Red Cross for their Sound the Alarm event which will provide 100 to 130 new smoke alarms to people in the community.

Shull emphasized that even those people who are not in an area receiving the new alarms are able to contact the station in order to get a smoke alarm free of charge.