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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL)- Senator Raphael Warnock made his way to Columbus to speak with individuals who are receiving the Child Tax Credit.

Eight individuals met with Senator Warnock this morning to tell him how helpful the Child Tax Credit has been. The credit is part of the American Rescue Plan. According to Senator Warnock, the tax credit will help 45,000 children in the Columbus area and will help 2.2 million children overall and cut poverty by 46 percent.

One individual in the meeting told Warnock that she uses the tax credit to allow her children to participate in extracurricular activities since they are becoming expensive. The single mom of one said she’s glad she has the extra money to allow her child to participate in extra activities.

Another mother of four told Warnock that three of her four children play sports, and the tax credit is helping her stay afloat, considering the extra expense in allowing her kids to play sports.

Most of the attendees in the room receive the tax care credit every month. Warnock told the individuals in the room 97 percent of families will benefit from the tax cut.

Another mother of two told the room she was affected by unemployment due to the pandemic. She went from a two-income home to a one-income home. The tax credit has allowed her to pay for her daughter’s speech therapy classes. The extra money also helps her afford books and other materials her daughter may need to help with her speech delay.

After everyone spoke with Warnock about how helpful the tax credit had been, one child in the audience presented Warnock with a painting she made for him to express her gratitude.

Warnock told everyone in the room this had been a heartwarming moment.

“It is very heartwarming and satisfying to my soul to hear this, and so the next time I’m in Washington D.C., which it can be an interesting place to be and dealing with the rough and tumble nonsense that happens in the halls of congress, these faces will be in my memory, they will remind me why I do this in the first place,” Warnock said.

Warnock has plans on getting the child tax credit expanded in the near future.

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