COLUMBUS, Ga (WRBL) – Whisperwood Apartments, Columbus’ largest apartment complex, had its second massive fire in about three years early Wednesday morning.

Multiple fire trucks were on the scene working to extinguish the fire. According to officials on scene, the fire broke out at about 3:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Several witnesses say they heard “a loud boom” and then shortly after saw flames coming through one building. The building housed apartments 437-454.

“I mean i have heard fireworks go off. Maybe a gunshots or two. But this was so much louder,” resident Natalie Bouyett told News 3.

Three minor injuries have been reported in the fire.

22 units at the apartment complex suffered major damage in the fire, according to officials. No word on how many people have lost their homes and belongings in the fire.

“We do know that the orgin of the fire was the top floor. Typically apartment fires, when they get up into a common attic area, is very difficult to stop them from destroying the entire roof portion of the structure. Which is exactly what happened here,” Columbus Fire and EMS Deputy Chief Ricky Shores says.

Shores says explosion noises and popping sounds are common in fires, but it doesn’t give them an indication whether one would be arson or accidental.

Whisperwood Apartments is collecting donations for these families right now. The lounge area and racquetball gym are FULL of clothes, shoes, and toys to help the families at least get through the holidays. You can call them directly and ask for Tewa Harris.

The point of contact here at the apartment complex says towels, toiletries and gift cards are needed.. but anything will help.

Terrence Flowers, the owner of 4.0 Fitness, is also collecting donations as well.

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