Some judges at the Government Center move back into office months after water main break

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Some judges at the Goverment Center are breathing a sigh of relief, after moving back into their office and chambers. 

Gill Mcbride was one of those judges affected from the flood damage, causing him to transition to various courtrooms and a temporary office on the lower level. With his office located on the 11th floor, Mcbride says the move was a slight inconveince, but judges managed to work together, sharing each others work space. 

“We went from seven functioning courtrooms to three, so that really shut us down. It feels good to be back in my old office at some point we will get all of his unpacked and that’s going to be a long process,” says Gill Mcbride, Chief Judge of the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit.

Mcbride says most of the office furniture on the top level was damaged from the water leak. 

He also says the move back into his chamber and office wouldn’t be possible without the help from maintence crews.

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