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Southwest Georgia works to recover from Michael

Meigs, GA (WRBL) - Utility crews from all over the United States have traveled to Georgia to help restore power. Many of them are in southwest Georgia, a region particularly hard-hit.

WRBL News 3 traveled south to survey the damage and found one family lucky to have survived the storm.

Three generations of the Ragan family live together in their Meigs, Georgia, home, approximately 50 miles north of Tallahassee, Florida.  To say Hurricane Michael battered their home is a tremendous understatement.

"It tore out a little small sunroom, which it isn't small. Anyway, it tore it out. Hit the top part of the house. And then . . .did a lot of damage right here up to the fireplace. So that's the only two spots. But it broke a  bunch of beams up in the ceiling," said homeowner Heyward Ragan, Jr. "But I've never seen in one location this many trees down."

A power crew from Oklahoma spent Saturday, October 13, working to repair mangled power lines to restore electricity at the home.  But before they could start, they removed tons of storm debris caused from toppled pine trees.

"They came down here and they made us a driveway so we could get out," Ragan said. "They started yesterday, cutting up things. They're doing a good job. I'm really glad they're here."

Ragan and his family remain hopeful and optimistic through the long recovery process because he says they realize what's important.

"My family is safe, my dogs and my cats are safe, so I'm happy," Ragan said.

Their home is more than 150 miles away from where Michael made landfall along the Gulf Coast. Considering all the devastation, people here say they're just grateful that it wasn't worse.

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