COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — As the Attorney General’s office prepares to make its case against suspended District Attorney Mark Jones, more details are available through court documents.

Houston County Superior Court Judge Katherine K. Lumsden has set the case for trial beginning November 8. Jones, who was suspended Monday by Gov. Brian Kemp, was indicted last month on nine counts of alleged criminal wrongdoing during his first eight months in office.

The state is building a case around a videotape it claims to have of an after-hours discussion between Jones and Columbus Police Cpl. Sherman Hayes. The state says Jones asked the officer to lie under oath so involuntary manslaughter charges against a defendant could be upgraded to murder. Warning some views may find some of the language offensive.

In February, Elijah Farral was accused of shooting to death 18-year-old Sara Holtrop. Farral was charged with involuntary manslaughter and not murder.

That case is at the center of the state of Georgia’s case against the embattled Jones.

Flash forward to July of this year.

The prosecution claims the following conversation happened between Jones and Columbus Police Cpl. Sherman Hayes outside of a downtown Columbus bar.

Hayes was working off-duty security for Uptown Columbus, Inc. Jones had been a customer in the bar.

The state says this is how part of that conversation went.

District Attorney Jones: “He shot her – know why? He thought she was cheating. That’s why.”

Corporal Hayes: “He doesn’t have a relationship with her.”

District Attorney Jones: “You should testify to that. (Referring to the fact she was cheating.)

Corporal Hayes: “I am going to testify to the facts.”

District Attorney Jones: Nah, man. That’s f—– up, bro. That’s a 1-10.”

According to court documents, Jones realized he was being recorded by Hayes’ bodycam and he tells the officer he was just kidding and joking.

In the motion, the state claims officers were outside the Hooch because Jones had an issue with a security guard earlier in the evening.

“… The guard further told police when Jones arrived, the security guard asked for Jones’ ID. Jones refused to produce his ID and threatened to shut the bar down if security did not let Jones inside the bar.”

Jones is scheduled for arraignment Tuesday morning in front of Lumsden.