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01/26/17 10:00 p.m. — A Georgia State Representative is at home resting Thursday night after being shot in Columbus.

As WRBL News 3 reported earlier Thursday evening, Republican State Representative Gerald Greene was shot during an attempted armed robbery. Reporters were told by Communications Director Kaleb McMichen that Greene, the Chairman of the State Properties Committee, was heading home to Cuthbert following Thursday’s session. McMichen then says Representative Greene stopped at a convenience store on Victory Drive and was shot in the leg.

News 3 crews happened to be nearby and saw police activity at both Foxes Cinema and the 30th Avenue Package Store.

When we went over to investigate, we learned from witnesses the shooting happened in the back parking lot of Foxes Cinema, an adult entertainment store. When our crew went back behind the store, they saw fresh blood on the concrete, which witnesses told us belonged to Greene.

Witnesses say he then got into his car and drove over to the 30th Avenue Package Store and those claims are backed up by surveillance video that News 3 obtained from the package store, which is time stamped at 4:25 p.m.

In the video you can see State Representative Greene walking into the liquor store, clearly injured and limping. The store owners rush to get him a chair, sit him down in the middle of the store and then pick up the phone to call police.

Representative Greene then appears to sit there until paramedics arrived. When we spoke with the store owner we learned that Greene was no stranger, in fact, he was a regular.

“He’s a regular customer, he comes sometimes two times a week, sometimes three times a week. He’s a very good guy. He always buys good stuff. He’s never given me a problem. I really wonder why people do like that,” says Harish Bherida, Owner of the 30th Avenue Package Store.

Greene was taken to Midtown Medical Center and has since been treated and released.

News 3 called State Representative Gerald Greene at his home in Cuthbert, around 8:30 p.m. Thursday. He told us he had just gotten home from the hospital. WRBL asked him to give us his account of Thursday’s event.

We asked State Representative Greene if we could put him on speaker and record him. He asked that we not do that, but this is what he told us.

He says he was getting out of his car at a liquor store where he often buys lottery tickets. He says a man approached him with a gun, pointed it as his chest and demanded money. Representative Greene says he threw his cell phone at him and that’s when the man shot him in the leg. He says he went into the liquor store where employees called police. Based on the video that we had of the scene, we wanted to get a clearer picture of the location.

“Where exactly were you shot? What was the location?”

We then asked representative Greene if he was parked behind Foxes Cinema when he was shot, as witnesses said. He said yes, he was.

“At Foxes Cinema? In the parking lot of Foxes Cinema. Were you visiting there or some other business in the area?”

He said he had been to Foxes Cinema on previous occasions, but not Thursday. Instead he was visiting the 30th Avenue Package Store where he frequently buys lottery tickets. Ironically, Greene says he was carrying several thousands of dollars in donations to the American Red Cross for storm relief, which the robber did not get.

Representative Greene says the bullet went clean through. He’s thanking God for the fact that the bullet missed his artery.

Representative Green says he hopes to resume his legislature duties next week.

News 3 reached out multiple times to Mayor Teresa Tomlinson and Columbus Police and none of our calls have been returned at this time.


COLUMBUS, Ga. – News 3 has learned that State Representative Gerald Green has been shot during a robbery in Columbus, according to Communications Director for Speaker David Ralston.

Communication Director Kaleb McMichen says Gerald Greene was driving home from the session and stopped at a convenience store in Columbus where he was robbed and shot in the leg.

Greene is currently at a local hospital and he is listed in stable condition

Gerald Greene is a Republican State Representative from Cuthbert, Georgia representing District 151.This is a developing story. Stay with WRBL News 3 for updates.

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