Stewart Co. Board of Elections Chair voted out of his position

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STEWART COUNTY, Ga.- A decision was made on whether to let the entire Stewart County Board of Elections go, following a list of concerns from the County Commissioners.

Instead of getting rid of the entire board, County Commissioners decided to just get rid of the elections board chair.

You might remember there was concern surrounding the Board of Elections’ decision to fire the former Registrar Supervisor.

News Three caught up with the now former chair.

He says, he’s not done fighting yet.

Rossie Ross says he served as chairman for the Board of Elections in Stewart County for five years.

Remember in late May, News Three reported the County Commissioners were concerned about the firing of the former Registrar Supervisor, Diane Powell.

Powell spoke to News Three about why she believes she was let go in June of 2016.

“They wanted me to change some voters I refused to do it…cuz that’s illegal.” says Powell.

So they hired Todd Black to replace Powell.

“We said we are equal opportunity employee that it should’ve been advertised and everybody in Stewart County or anywhere around should’ve been had that same opportunity to apply for that position. ” says Arcola Scott.

Scott explained to Ross in an earlier hearing one reason why the board of elections was under fire.

She says it was wrong for the board to hire the current Registrar Supervisor without properly advertising the opening.

Tuesday afternoon, former Chairman Ross shared why he believes he was let go from his position.

He says the ultimate decision was based on concerns that surpassed the firing of Powell.

“They started looking at our budget…they claimed we over-spent our budget that was not true. They claim that I spent money on lawyers. I have no way no way, no ability to spend money other than through the County Commission…so it had to be approved through the County Commission…it just went on and on like that.” says Ross.

Tuesday, the County Commissioners vote was three to two let Ross go.

Ross shares what he plans to do now.

“Try to get a stay through a judge and maybe appeal it to another judge within the next month.” says Ross.

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