Storm causes damage in Lakebottom/Weracoba Park area of Columbus

Local News

The Lakebottom/Weracoba Park area of Columbus saw storm damage thqt ranged from downed trees and power lines, and standing water.

The storm brought down a tree at the intersection of Cherokee Avenue and 17th Street, causing power lines and traffic lights to fall as well.

The heavy rain sent massive amounts of water streaming in the creek that runs along the park. The overly saturated ground caused several trees to come toppling over into the swollen creek.

Drivers could be seen driving through standing water on Cherokee Avenue. The average automobile can be swept off the road in 12 inches of moving water and raods covered by water could collapse.

The three buildings at Weracoba Place Apartments on 13th Street and 17th Avenue were left without power after a tree came crashing down on power lines. Trapped underneath the tree was a car parked on the street.

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