Support for proposed ‘Space Force’ gains political steam

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 US Congressman Mike Rogers (R-AL) is one of several politicians who has publicly voiced support of President Trump’s plan to create a Space Force. Proponents say the move would protect US communication systems and military assets in space, and ensure that the US remains a military superpower on all fronts, especially in the face of threats from our adversaries. 

“We’re getting very big in space, both militarily and for other reasons, and we’re seriously thinking of the Space Force,” says Trump. 

Trump administration officials say by creating a service focused on space dominance, the military can defend threats posed by Russia and China.

“Our adversaries have transformed space into a warfighting domain already, and the US will not shrink from this challenge,” says Vice President Mike Pence. 

It’s a challenge Congressman Mike Rogers believes America must tackle, in spite of misinformation about the president’s proposal. 

“This is not Star Trek kinda stuff or The Jetsons. This is about our national security satellites,” says Rogers. 

The Trump administration wants to spend at least 8 billion dollars to launch the new military branch. The White House hopes to have Space Force up and running within two years. 

“What we’re talking about is taking the space professionals that work in these other services and giving them a separate service that’s just focused on space,” says Rogers. 

But not everyone is on board, such as Citizens Against Government, who blasted the idea as wasteful spending. 

“The addition of a new branch will serve only to add unnecessary costs that come with increased duplication and bureaucracy.” 

But the benefit outweighs the cost, according to Rogers. 

“Everybody that comes to work there knows that their number one mission in life every day is space dominance,” says Rogers. “That we’ll do a better job of combating Russia and China, who have already become our peers in space from surpassing our capability in the immediate future.”

As the debate about the proposed space force continues on Capitol Hill, The White House says it plans to move forward with the force and their focus on what is being called the new frontier.

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