Teachers at Pine Ridge Elementary School lend a helping hand for tornado victims

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Here at Pine Ridge Elementary thoughtful gestures are being recognized. Teachers and staff are helping their community by forming cleanup groups in the aftermath of the tornado. 

“I had several teachers who called me to check on me to see how things were going and the first question was “How can we help?” says Cindy Bullock, Pine Ridge Elementary 4th Grade Teacher.

More than 30 students at Pine Ridge Elementary had their homes damaged by the storm. Teachers came together clearing roads and debris in their kids neighborhoods. 

“That was our first day off and they went to yards and were working that very day,” says Wendy McDaniel, Pine Ridge Elementary School Counselor.  

Relief efforts didn’t stop there.

“Our counselor sent out an email to teachers to ask around in their classrooms and ask parents what do they need and how can we help and that’s how we got a handle on the list on who needs what,” says Brantley Sawyer, Pine Ridge Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher. 

“They just really came together and brought things these families needed in order to get back to normal life as normal as possible after that happened,” says Mandy Hines, Pine Ridge Elementary 1st Grade Teacher. 

One by one food and hygienic items came pouring into the school.

“We had some donations of flash lights, donations of tarps and then we targeted those who actually needed it,” says McDaniel. 

The tornado may have left behind extensive damage, but the community is standing together to bring back joy after the storm. 

“It is very uplifting to have a community that’s been devastated or impacted so strongly by one particular incident,” says Bullock.

“I’m just grateful to work in a school and county that loves each other and comes together to support each other,” says Hines.

If you would like to make a donation, you can drop off items at The Harris County Hope Center in Hamilton.

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