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Teen Advisors Inc. honors the legacy of George H.W. Bush

Columbus, Ga (WRBL) -
Teen Advisors pays tribute to a leader that had a strong passion for volunteers, making a difference in the community.

"We are all about loving our students, loving our schools and pouring our lives into making this world a better place and that's something the President did really well," says LeighAnn Dicesaris, Development Director of Teen Advisors.

The organization holds a special connection to the late president. In 1992,' the group was awarded The Points of Light Award for their service to change the world.

"Its inspiring I think thats one of the things I take away from being rewarded for recognition like this, says Derik Roberts, Executive Director of Teen Advisors.

During his presidency, co-founders Richard and Deedee Stephens received the 987th spot from his "Thousand Point of Light" philosophy that was later turned into a non-profit. The feeling was truly an honor and a privilege.


"DeeDee was telling me that she thought it was a joke when someone was calling her from the White House, then come to find out it was the real deal was such as honor and an excitement for them, says Dicesaris.

"They got to go and they sat 10 feet away from them and were there as part of his presentation so It was a really neat experience for them and hearing that,
says Roberts.


Though George H.W. Bush may be gone, his spirit will and everything he stood for will carry on.

"He talks about ordinary people having doing extraordinary things, that
s our teenagers, that's our teen advisors, says Roberts.

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