Teen murder suspect Tellious Brown appears in Recorder’s Court

Local News

17-year-old Tellious Brown is facing charges as an adult for the murder of 60-year-old Roy Wilborn on Illges Road.

Brown pled not guilty to the shooting on April 23rd. According to detectives the potential motive, in this case, is armed robbery.

Police say on the night of the murder Wilborn sat at a bus stop near Illges and Rigdon road with a bicycle.  Brown approached Wilborn and got into a physical altercation over the bike.

 Detectives say witnesses heard shots and saw Wilborn lying in the street before calling 911. 9mm shell casings were found at the scene.

Surveillance footage in the area shows two other individuals were with Brown. They saw the altercation and left the scene.

“Literally in a two minute period of time there’s supposed to be an altercation and a shooting in all of this. It seems like it was a quick span of time to happen, so I’d like to see the full video of all the angles to see exactly what they really tell,” says Mark Shelnutt, Defense Attorney.

Police say Brown tried to steal Wilborn’s bicycle because he was tired of walking. Wilborn was known for being in that area because he was considered homeless.

A person contacted the Columbus Police Department and gave Brown’s Facebook account to detectives, matching the physical description witnesses gave through questioning. Brown also gave a false name to police.

A search warrant was served at Brown’s home where police found a duffel bag filled with clothes, a hoodie that’s similar to the one shown in surveillance, and a 9 mm handgun.  

The case is bound over to the Superior Court and no bond has been set.

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