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Tension builds in the Alabama GOP runoff race

In the final stretch of the Alabama primary run-offs scheduled for a week from Tuesday -- the Attorney General's race intensifies between the two men hoping to earn the votes to be the Republican nominee for the office.

The heart of Troy King's complaint against Steve Marshall has received heavy financial support from the Republican Attorneys General Association. However, back in 2012, an Alabama grand jury report was released after complaints were filed against others and the state said it could not ban such donations from out of state political action committees. 

Troy King, Alabama hopeful for the Republican Attorney General nomination, filed an ethics complaint on Monday in Montgomery against his challenger and current Attorney General Steve Marshall. The complaint comes after Steve Marshall’s campaign received $435,000 from the Republican Attorney General’s Association.

"In 2014 Luther Strange took $50,000 from the same PAC under the same circumstances,” said King.  “Although he said he was allowed to keep the money, he didn't keep the money. Within 24 hours he sent it back." 

A PAC’s (political action committee) purpose is to raise and spend money to elect and defeat candidates.  In 2010, Alabama’s legislature approved a law that banned PACs from moving money to other PACs, known as “PAC-to-PAC” transfer. 

"The attorney general should be setting the example. The attorney general should be going above the law, not trying to find some loophole in the law, which I don't think exist,’ King said. 

 Alabama Ethics Commission’s executive director says that the Secretary of State’s office has offered opinions that it’s not a violation.  Tom Albritton added that he couldn’t comment specifically on the ethics complaint King filed against Marshall.
Steve Marshall’s campaign issued a brief statement:

 "We are pleased to have received support from RAGA Action Fund and trust they have complied with Alabama law." 
There’s no word if the Ethics Commission will take up this matter before next Tuesday’s primary runoffs. However, the King campaign is expected to keep the pressure on for them to do so. 

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