COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Major upgrades are in the works for The Columbus Museum, thanks to a multimillion dollar fundraising effort.

According to a news release from the museum, $20 million were raised through the “Reimagining the Columbus Museum” initiative.

The funds will be used to add a children’s gallery and adjoining garden, open a public courtyard, and renovate several galleries and gardens throughout the museum.

Columbus Museum Director Marianne Richter says the improvements will allow the museum to cycle through its collections and provide new experiences for museum guests.

“I think it’s important because our our our desire and our responsibility is to connect as best we can with the community and find new ways to do it and make the space become even more welcoming than it is and have the greater flexibility, and what we put on view,” said Richter.

This is the museum’s first major renovation since 1989. $3 million of the funding came from the Muscogee County School District, thanks to ESPLOST funding.