COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Valley Healthcare began issuing the COVID-19 vaccine to the first round of their employees. They have received 100 doses of the Moderna Vaccine and have ordered 500 more.

The facility has enough vaccines to administer the doses to 50 members of their staff, but will hold the other 50 doses incase their second shipment does not arrive on time.

The Valley Healthcare System provides care for the underserved members of the community in Columbus and surrounding areas, making it that much more important that they’re beginning vaccination.

Diane Thurman, the Valley Healthcare Clinical Coordinator, says if obtaining the vaccine itself was not an issue they could vaccinate their entire staff within the week and begin vaccinating patients by next week.

“It’s absolutely based on the availability of the vaccine um that that is all we’re waiting for,” said Thurman. “Because we have pretty much we have everything else in place so.”

The first recipient of the vaccine was Dr. Lavon Thurman who says receiving the vaccine is not only imperative for your personal health, but for the health of the Country.

“It will be interesting to see the impact to our children it’s had, being able to go to school, social functions, just interact with their friends,” said Thurman. “God help us all we’re here to make it better and I do think this is the right step forward and people do need to get vaccinated.”

The Clinical Coordinator did add that staff will be required to receive the vaccine and a policy to get this in place is in the works.