The Mission Continues brings together veterans and volunteers to improve the community

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“Because a lot of times, we look for outside agencies to give back, when all we have to do is combine together,” said Louis York, a veteran who works with The Mission Continues.

It’s an army that puts good intentions into concrete acts of human kindness– selfless acts performed by members of the Columbus First Platoon of The Mission Continues.

“To actually fulfill that mission, our domestic mission of our oath that we swore is phenomenal . . .it’s phenomenal,” said Lakesha Stringer a veteran who works with The Mission Continues.

And these veterans, still soldiers of the public good, travel wherever they’re needed to help their neighbors however they can.

Today, they were giving out free boxes of food to those who need it here in the parking lot of Mother Mary Mission in Phenix City.

“[We work] within our own community and make that society grow out, you know, from The Mission Continues, and then linking up and partnering up with other organizations to make a viable community as a whole is amazing,” said Stringer.

“When you put a smile on some body’s face and you know they’re hungry,” said LeRoy Davis, Jr., of the Chattahoochee Valley Veteran’s Organization. “Whatever little bit that we can do is a whole lot.”
“We’ve been partnering with them, and volunteering and helping when we can at their other events, and it’s just been a wonderful thing. An opportunity for us to give back to the community,” said Yolanda Doyle Lewis of Mother Mary Mission, Inc., in Phenix City.

And though many are veterans, this platoon welcomes anyone who wants to volunteer.

“This is what the Golden Rule is all about. And the Golden Rule is to do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. And I want everybody to feel they are of worth and they have value,” said Patsy Jones.

It’s a message this common army, bound by love and sacrifice excels at sharing.

The Mission Continues partnership with Feeding the Valley Food Bank made today’s food distribution drive possible–and many others like it that the group holds in our region.

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