Tucked away in a small Georgia town is a ranch. Now, this isn’t your ordinary ranch. It is a ranch enriched in history, dedicated to service, and built on family values. 

For Aidyn…The Rock Ranch symbolizes freedom. 

“It’s important for people to understand that Aidyn just wants to be kid. He doesn’t see all the tubes…and the bag hanging off of him,” said Aidyn’s mother.

At The Rock Ranch…Aidyn is able to be just that.

“The rock climbing wall here and the ziplining oh my gosh he loves it…you tell him he can’t do something and we are going to figure out a way to do it.”

Family is an essential part of The Rock Ranch’s history.

“The Rock Ranch started as a foster home for children by Truett Cathy the founder of Chic Fil A” said Adam Pugh, The Rock Ranch Director.

Pugh says the foster homes are still a part of the property, but the ranch has evolved into more.

“We have intentionally evolved into a place for families to come, have fun, and create memories. Our tagline is growing healthy families,” said Pugh.

This big chair is only one reflection of how big they do everything here at The Rock Ranch.

“It’s 1500 acres now, but the fun happens in about a 40-acre area…pony rides, paddle boats, zip lines, sports zones…etc,” said Pugh.

Many would say The Rock Ranch is a hidden gem. Harrison Mullis said the one thing he’s learned from The Rock Ranch is that family comes first. 

And it’s kids like Aidyn and Harrison that makes this place a home among ranches.