COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — The secret is out. Columbus Technical College (CTC) announced the new face of the school is The Thrasher, a blue and green, jersey-wearing bird. The mascot was revealed at CTC’s back-to-school community event on Saturday, July 29.

“This vibrant character fully represents the college and will serve as a visible representation that audiences will intrinsically connect with,” said Denise Wells, CTC’s executive director of public relations and communications in an Aug. 2 press release.

Although CTC does not have any sports teams, Wells confirmed The Thrasher will make a appearances as a representative of the school at on- and off-campus events.

According to the release, The Thrasher’s final design is the result of efforts from a team including CTC, the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), Thinking Clear, Media Marketing and More, Atlanta Mascot and International Mascot.

The blue and green avian mascot is meant to capture “school pride coupled with family friendliness,” the press release states. Wells said the mascot was also chosen because the thrasher is Georgia’s state bird and it is not currently the mascot for any other TCSG institution.

“The Thrasher will serve as physical representation to the communities we serve of a deep and abiding pride associated with Columbus Tech,” said CTC President Martha Ann Todd in the press release.

Wells said the school hopes The Thrasher will help CTC to become a household name within the local community.

According to the release, CTC is the 13th TCSG college to have an official mascot. There are currently 22 colleges in the TCSG.