‘They need to get their act together or they’re going to get sued’: DA Mark Jones visits Sea Breeze Mobile Home Park

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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL)-  Residents at Sea Breeze Mobile Home Park have spent almost a month without running water and are still waiting for answers. District Attorney Mark Jones spoke with residents Friday about taking legal action against the mobile home park.

Residents have been without running water since July 4, 2021. Those who do have running water say they are experiencing low water pressure. The water also has a milky color making residents hesitate about using or drinking the water. News 3 and District Attorney Mark Jones spoke with resident Willy Macket, who said it’s clear no one knows how to fix the problem.

“It makes me feel like somebody doesn’t know what they’re doing. Because, if they knew what they’re doing the water would’ve been back on that day,” Macket said.

Jones spoke with several other residents and after speaking with them, he said he’s going to hold the owners and management of the Seabreeze accountable.

“I’m about to make a call to a fellow by the name of Garrett who’s associated with the park and just see what his position is. But our position would be the rent should be prorated for any days that residents of the Sea Breeze Mobile Home Park were without water. Under Georgia law, the landlord is responsible for providing utilities. As here, the landlord has to provide the water,” Jones said.

Jones told News 3 it’s not habitable for residents to be without running water.

“That’s the real issue for the landlord here, based on my investigation. He needs to do something about these tenants that have been without water for whatever number of days,” Jones said.

Jones said if management and the owners don’t get things fixed soon, then he will take action against them.

“I told him, I’m the District Attorney, I can file a nuisance law on the park. We need some sort of resolution but my understanding is residents at this point are starting to reach out to private attorneys for traditional landlords tenant court,”

Jones has one important message for Sea Breeze’s owner and management.

“They need to get their act together or they’re going to get sued by these tenants for days that they were without a basic necessity which would be water,” Jones said.

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