Treasurer of local non-profit Army Sniper Association sentenced for stealing from organization

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Former Army Sniper Association treasurer Dustin Campbell has been sentenced to 15 months in prison after stealing more than $40,000 in ASA funds.

The ASA, founded in 2001 and becoming an official non-profit in 2008, was formed to benefit the families of current and former Army snipers, according to the Department of Justice. Campbell served as their unpaid, volunteer treasurer from April 2015 until Oct. 2016, when he was terminated.

When “Campbell began his tenure as treasurer, there was a balance of $62,021.46 in the account.” On Oct. 27, 2016, Campbell was terminated. “Five months later, the balance of the account had diminished to $647.05. An audit of the account revealed that Mr. Campbell also made at least 150 automatic teller machine cash withdrawals, converting more than $40,000 in ASA funds for his own personal use.”

The FBI took charge of the investigation, with Special Agent Christ Hacker taking the lead.

“The work that non-profit organizations do is invaluable to our society, and we cannot allow anyone driven by personal greed to misdirect funds away from the people who need them,” said Hacker, “Some of these stolen funds would have gone to families of soldiers who gave their lives for our country. Campbell must now pay the price for putting his personal gains before those families’ needs.”

Following the investigation, Campbell was charged with one count of Wire Fraud. As a result of his sentencing, Campbell will also have to pay $38,000 in restitution fees to the ASA and will not have the possibility of parole.

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