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Two Fort Benning soldiers win Best Ranger Competition

FORT BENNING, Ga (WRBL) - Two Army Rangers stationed at Fort Benning were named the winners of the Best Ranger Competition.

Sergeant First Class Joshue Rolfes and Sergeant First Class Anthony Allen (Team 23) are the 35th team to claim the title.

Fifty-two teams started the competition Friday morning. Twenty-four teams remained Saturday. Sixteen teams continued into Sunday's challenges.

Veteran Rangers and former competitors say the challenges are intense.

"It's grueling. It's about teamwork. A lot of training. It kind of pushes you to the limit as far as body and mind," says veteran William Filipkowski, a four-time competitor.

The competing Rangers go nonstop for nearly sixty hours on little to no sleep and minimal food, but they push through boundaries and test their limits.

"What it means to be a Ranger is you'll never quit and you'll never surrender, and so these guys have fought the grueling conditions for three days, and none of them have quit, and none of them will quit until the end of that Buddy Run. So, as a leader, it makes me proud to see them and proud to be a Ranger," says Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade Executive Director, Major Dan Hurd.

Sunday's events consisted of the Combat Water Survival Assessment. It's a relay style competition where the teams race the clock to complete a watery obstacle course. 

 Team 23 excelled throughout the three days, solidifying the number one spot.

"I'm probably more excited than he is at this point. He is probably so tired, but I haven't been able to sleep. I have adrenaline pumping, so I can only imagine how he feels," says Brittany Ainley. She is dating a member of Team 23.

This years competition may be over, but one thing is certain, these Rangers will continue to "Lead the Way!"

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