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COLUMBUS, Ga. – Two public figures are at odds after the city manager says a school board member threatened him.  This feud began with an exchange between the city manager and a citizen at a forum Tuesday night.

City Manager Isaiah Hugley says Muscogee County School Board member Frank Myers threatened him over a text message.  This all stems from a disagreement between Hugley and Myers’ friend over school board candidates at a forum Tuesday.

Myers says he’s concerned Hugley causeD his friend to lose his job because he doesn’t support Pat Hugley will cause his friend to lose his job because he doesn’t support Pat Hugley-Green, Hugley’s sister, who is running for re-election.

Hugley says the first text from Myers came shortly before 10 Tuesday night.

“Saying are we communicating?” Hugley said.

Hugley says he didn’t respond.

“He sends a second text at 10:33 saying did you get my text message above?  I didn’t respond.  At 11:05 is when the threat came in,” Hugley explained.

Hugley says the message from Myers concerned Myers’ friend.  Myers agreed to an interview with News 3 only if we stipulated that we would not use the name of his friend.

“If I cause him to lose his job, what would happen with me and that was very concerning to me,” Hugley said.

Hugley is speaking of a text message from Myers.  In it, Myers writes “If anything happens to ‘his friend’s’ job you will become the story and your sister.  Understand?”

“And that’s what the city manager calls a threat?” Myers said.

Myers does not consider his text message a threat.

“It’s bizarre to me that it can be stretched into some idea that I’m making a threat against somebody.  I was letting the man know that he needs to leave my friend alone.  That’s it,” Myers explained.

Hugley says he has watched Myers bully school board members and the superintendent before.

“We have this behavior for a person who holds a high public office and they’re making decisions regarding our teachers and our children and so that is concerning to me,” Hugley said.

Myers says he is going to continue to keep what’s best for the school system at the top of his priorities.

“The only threat the Hugley’s have from me is political and if they want to stand in the way of me fixing the school system, that threat is going to continue because I’m going to fight to continue to fix this school system.  That’s what I promised people I would do,” Myers said.

The last email Myers sent to Hugley says his friend is willing to take a lie detector test.  Hugley says he will not be responding back to Myers’ emails unless it concerns the Columbus Consolidated Government.

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