U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson comes to Columbus

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COLUMBUS, Ga. – As part of a statewide tour to meet with local business leaders, United States Senator from Georgia paid a visit to the Fountain City on Tuesday.

The U.S. Senator sat down with representatives from Synovus, Columbus Chamber of Commerce as well as other local business leaders.

Senator Isakson spoke to the crowd about what is important to them, as well his prior experiences in business. He told the crowd how great of town Columbus is to do business.

“What other city do you know that has an NCR, W.D. Bradley Company, a Synovus, a CB&T, an Aflac, Pratt and Whitney?” Isakson said. “You have a great economic base. You have a great business powerhouse, and I look forward to going to Washington D.C. To represent the best interest of America, American business, and those who hold the jobs for the American businesses.”

The U.S Senator was given an endorsement by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. Isakson said he grateful for that endorsement, and he will ensure that the American People will get good, honest government, hard work and a free enterprise system. In addition, Sen. Isakson told the crowd that everything us up for grabs this November and voter participation will be crucial.

When asked about the state of the Republican Party, the U.S. Senator told those in attendance that the party has always been competitive and always ends up nominating good people that do a great job.

The senator also touched on Fort Benning sequestration and ISIL. He told the crowd that Fort Benning has taken its share of hits, but the military needs to be restored back to full strength.

Then, Sen. Isakson touched on ISIL. He said that the current administration’s policy on containment in terms of terrorism is wrong. He says in the last eight years, the country has tried to contain something that is a cancer. The senator went on to say that “containment is not enough,” adding that “you’ve got to cut the cancer out.”

Senator Isakson will be running for re-election this November against Democrat, Jim Barksdale

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