The United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley carried out an initiative, ultimately working to end local homelessness.

According to Pat Frey, the Executive Director of the United Way’s Home for Good, part of the survey includes finding out the needs of a demographic whether that be for a family or for an individual. Frey says, it’s efforts like these that will eventually help folks to get back on their feet.

“We’ve seen a decrease in homelessness. In just the last five years, we’ve seen a 24 percent decrease in homelessness,” says Pat Frey.

Monday, was the start of the annual Point in Time Count Initiative, an effort to end homelessness in the valley. Organizers visited four shelters: including House of Mercy. They had those living in the shelters, complete a survey.

“By answering the questions to the survey we can assess needs and barriers to housing so that we can try and align the needs of the individual with the services and the providers that can provide those,” says Frey.

Frey says the Point in Time Count, first began in 2009. She says there’s a great need to carry out efforts like these, because of the high amounts of people living in shelters.

“One that has about 15, one that has 37, one that has 48, and one that has 24,” says Frey.

“I feel happy because it feels like people are helping people,” says a  young House of Mercy resident.

“It makes me feel happy because people donate things for people that are homeless,” says another young House of Mercy resident.

Those two boys were amount other happy people at the House of Mercy. Other folks living there shared how thankful they were for the shelter and for the efforts of the United Way.

“Sometimes it’s all about giving a break giving that person one last chance and getting a fresh start..we don’t always get that in life,” says Tony Davis.

“Blessed to be able to be in a place such as the House of Mercy. It gives people an opportunity to try to re-establish themselves,” says Erica Griffen.

The Point in Time Count initiative takes place during the last ten days of January. Organizers with the United Way, will get started Tuesday bright and early at 6 a.m. Tuesday, they plan to survey those are homeless who are not living in shelters.