UPDATE: Members of the All Black Ranger Company honored by Senator at Georgia State Capitol

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Resolution 859…one word and three numbers changed one Georgia Veteran’s Life. 

A month ago, LaPorsche Thomas told you about the first, last, and only all Black Ranger Unit that fought in the Korean War. Well, these men stories made it all the way to the Georgia State Senate Floor. 

Political Leaders flooded Ranger Boatwright and Ranger Small to thank him for his service. Ranger Daniel Boatwright said he was more than honored.

 LaPorsche, over there in the red dress. Thank you for getting me here today. It’s not about me. It’s about the 120-some men. One hundred three of us got wounded, one to three times.  We lost 13 in combat and we struggled hard for this country. And I’m grateful. And I’m here before you today, and it’s a great honor for me to say a few words.”

Georgia State Senator Ed Harbison says this is only the beginning. 

“I think we need to get on the stick and take this to Washington D-C.  I’m sure Congressman Bishop, Senator Iverson, and anybody else who understands the fact that these were brave men great work for our country that they’ll be ready to lend them a hand as well, and then hand them a letter of appreciation, acknowledge them, in their chambers and things like because it’s national “thank you” time now.”

Ranger Boatwright and Ranger Small are some of the last surviving soldiers of the 2nd Airborne Ranger Company. Ranger Boatwright hails from Keysville, Georgia. 

” My mother, God bless her soul, she’d always say, ‘Son, you got to do something to leave a legacy.’ I never knew what she meant. And hopefully, what I’ve done in my lifetime they’ll remember me more than just yesterday.”

This was a very emotional time for them. The Rangers tell News 3 they went through so much on the battlefield in Korea and then came back to fight racism here at home. Ranger Boatwright says as he was crying, he was thinking of the 13 people that didn’t make it back from Korea. 

Ranger Boatwright hopes his unit receives the Presidential Unit Citation one day. Sen. Harbison says he hopes to help them get there, so they can receive the national recognition he says they deserve. 


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