COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – On Monday, April 18, 2022, Verizon announced plans to raise their minimum wage and offer a sign-on bonus for prospective employees nationally, and here in Columbus.

Starting wage at Verizon will increase to $20 per hour for new and existing customer-service employees. Current employees who receive less than $20 will automatically receive the higher rate.

Additionally, Verizon is also offering pay differentials for assistant managers who work on holidays and Sundays, as well as for bilingual employees.

Communications Manager at Verizon, Chris Serico, shares with News 3 Verizon’s main motivation for offering this increase.

“These changes continue to reflect Verizon’s dedication to employees, make it a great place to work, and they’re the kinds of things that not only help our employees perform, but also deliver even more exceptional service to our customers. So, it’s the kind of thing that involves hiring and wanting to attract and retain the very best talent out there, which is why we’ve raised our minimum wage standard nationwide and are offering sign-up bonuses in markets like Columbus, Georgia,” Serico shares.

In Columbus, Verizon is also offering sign-on bonuses of $2,500 for retail specialists, and $3,500 for assistant managers at select stores.

The sign-on bonus for eligible positions will be paid in two portions, the first half will be given after one month of employment and the second half after nine months.

Serico says the sign-on bonus is apart of Verizon’s continuous dialogue with employee appreciation.

“In addition to providing competitive salaries and bonuses across the board, it’s the kind of thing that we’re always paying attention to what is going on out in the outside world, both regionally and nationally and globally. We want to stay competitive, but we also just want to do the right thing for prospective talent and also retain our employees in ways that rewards them for their awesome service to Verizon and to our customers,” he explains. “So, it’s just an ongoing conversation that we have with our V Teamers to make sure that they’re being taken care of and also with prospective talent. So, it’s the kind of thing that we’re always aware of and actively participating in with, not only the people who work for us, but for people who want to work for us.”

Serico explains to News 3 this is not the first time Verizon has offered sign-on bonuses, nonetheless they are excited to reintroduce the incentive.

“While Verizon has offered sign-on bonuses in the past, we’re excited to up the ante to remain market-competitive in ways that reward the best talent — and, ultimately, reward our customers as well,” Serico explains. “We do have an ongoing dialogue with our great V Teamers across the country, including those in Columbus, Georgia, and we care about making Verizon a great place to work in ways that rewards our employees. And we also feel that that experience and that culture is passed right down to the customer, to make their customer experience excellent as well. So, it’s a win across the board for everyone here.”

Those interested in applying should visit Verizon’s website, and head to careers, then retail, or click here.