Virginia College student disappointed in school closing

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Virginia College announced the school would close for good, leaving students like Kiara Martin feeling blindsided. 

“I feel like they just snatched the rug from under us and left us with nothing,” Martin says. 

She started school in May and was supposed to graduate in December.

“I had some issues and I had to stop going, but I decided to pick it back up and I got to the end,” Martin says. 

To make matters worse, she says no one from the school notified her of the closing. 

“First I was notified but a friend of mine, about 20 mins after I left the school doors for my final test and then there were emails sent a few hours later,” she says. 

The email from the present and CEO read that they lost their accreditation overnight and that he regretted informing students of this direction. 

“I feel betrayed, I feel lied to, I feel angry. They had us sign papers saying we were going to be there and we were going to dedicate ourselves and they were going to dedicate themselves and that was not the case at all. 

Martin says she ultimately felt hopeless because she couldn’t give her son Zion the life he deserved. 

“It kind of put a damper on what I was trying to do as far as getting our family financially stable. 

But not all hope was lost for her, she says God gave her a miracle. 

“I was up for employment with a company here, and they went ahead and extended the offer the same day that the school closed. 

As for school, Martin says that’s it for her.  

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