The next time you visit your nearest gas station, you may come across a sign that can put an end to human trafficking.

“We partner with all the different Rotary Clubs and many churches and volunteers to come together,” says Jonathan Cronin, Take the City Development Director.

Friends and members of “Take the City” were split into teams spreading awareness on a problem that has been growing in Columbus and in Phenix City.

“We put up these posters and train the employees all around our city at different businesses to identify and actually be proactive,” says Cronin.

Cronin tells News 3 this isn’t the first time take the city has formed the coalition. Every time he is out raising awareness, he gets positive feedback from those in the community. 

“I even heard a story today where they said 15 and 16-year-old girls are walking away with big men and it’s really sad in their mind,” says Cronin. 

Cronin says it’s important to shine a light on the issue because it can eventually save an innocent life.

“The partnerships that are coming out of these type of events are going to are going to see such a huge impact in our city and it’s going to bring an end to this issue,” says Cronin. 

To learn more about the organization, you can visit Take the City.