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Voters to Decide Amendments in Georgia and in Alabama

COLUMBUS - Voters in Georgia and in Alabama are deciding on more than who takes office.

Georgia voters are making decisions on five amendments and two referendums on this year's ballot.

Alabama voters are also deciding the outcome of some proposed amendments. 

Voters are casting their ballots for amendments covering various issues.  

Amendments 1 and 3 cover taxes and will determine where the money goes and how it's used.

Amendment 2  is asking voters to weigh- in on creating a new business court.

Amendment 4 proposes established rights for crime victims -- such as notification of court proceedings as well as receiving notices on a criminal's arrest or release dates.

Finally, the 5th amendment would allow areas with two school districts to let the larger district call for a vote on a penny sales tax for education.

Muscogee County Elections Specialist Jeanette James says it's important for voters to not only get out and vote but also  to be informed. 

"Go on the Secretary of State's "My Voter" page and look at your sample ballot, that's specifically for you. Look at that and get an understanding of what you're voting about and who you're voting for."

Voters will find copies of the amendments and referendums on the Georgia Secretary of State's website. 

A copy will also be posted at the polls. 

Meanwhile, voters in Alabama will also be deciding several amendments. 

Amendment 1 adds language supporting "Ten Commandment" displays if they meet constitutional requirements on public property including schools- while prohibiting the use of public funds in defense of the amendment.

Statewide Amendment 2 would declare Alabama as a pro-life state -  supporting the rights of unborn children - while adding Alabama does not protect or fund abortion rights.  


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