COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — According to the National Safe Haven Alliance (NSHA), infants are illegally abandoned in the U.S. every year.

The NSHA say 31 babies were placed in dumpsters, found in backpacks or discarded in other dangerous locations. And 22 of these infants were found dead.

Local officials are raising awareness about the Safe Place for Newborns Act, also known as the Safe Haven Law. The law provides safe options for parents to anonymously surrender their newborn child should they feel unfit or unwilling to care for the baby without being prosecuted.

In Georgia, all hospitals, fire stations and police stations are considered Safe Havens. Columbus Fire Marshall Division Chief, John Shull, says it’s the duty of public servants to help those in need.

“If a baby were to be brought to a fire station, we would take care of it,” said Chief Shull. “We have a hotline number. Fire stations should be some place where you can trust the firefighters that you’re coming to for whatever it is that you’re coming to them with.”

Georgia law states a parent has 30 days from birth to surrender the infant to a safe haven provider. Alabama recently amended their law, increasing the time period from three days to 45 days.