Friday, News Three caught up with voters in Muscogee County to learn what’s driving them to the polls.

     Some voters say they’re clear on their  choice between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp.
“Kemp is stating that he is going to  follow the Trump policies and as I said before I believe in what he’s doing and the fact that he is really supPorting our Christian values” Sandra Griffard, lives in Muscogee County.
     One man voting for Abrams says he doesn’t care for the way he says Kemp refers to the Democratic nominee.
“She’s not radical. She’s not that person that he’s trying to present. Sending out his campaign things on TV. It’s a lot of criticism. I don’t think it takes all that. It’s not professional ” says David Yarborough, lives in Muscogee County.
    Those voters say, they’ll be voting for other candidates that support some other interests. 
 “Just don’t want any more abortion in this country. We have shed so much blood and it really bothers me” says Griffard.
“Education and more jobs in Columbus, Ga. and more opportunities to rise as far as housing and stuff” says Yarborough.
     Nancy Boren, the Supervisor of Elections says more than 15 thousand residents have already voted in person.
     She compares this number to the 2016 election.
“Our turnout in 2016 for the Presidential Election we had 30,000 people to vote early. It looks like we’re definitely higher than midterm but not quite as high as presidential elections. ” says Boren.

The Citizens Service Center on Macon Road is the only available voting site for Early Voting.

Early Voting hours are M-F: 7AM- 7PM, and on Sat. and Sun.: from 9AM- 4PM.

On November 6th,  Election Day, voting will run from 7AM- 7PM.

You must go to your precinct on that day. 

You must have your ID or other approved identification to vote.