Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – The Chattahoochee Valley has produced some incredible athletes. That tradition continues but this time with an archery team, aiming to the best not just in the Peach State but the entire country. The Wynnbrook Christian School archery team has a wide range of members who are as young as 4th grade students all the way up to upperclassmen in high school. The one thing these archers love about their sport is how it gives everyone a chance to succeed.

“I’ve seen some archers shoot in wheelchairs before. I think it’s awesome how inclusive archery is,” said Junior and National Champion Sarah-Kate Eshman.

Aiden Jackson, currently in the 4th grade, is one of the smallest and youngest archers on the team but he feels welcomed member especially because of how his fellow archers treat him.
“A lot of people are kind and they’re funny,” said Jackson.

Some of these archers may not look like the prototype athlete other sports, like football, would look for. This sport gives those kids a chance to shine.

“We get kids from all different athletic abilities but the ones you would not think would be super athletic those will be the ones are the best at archery,” said Archer Co-Head Coach Chuck Raymer.

The athletes also get a chance to grow as people, and get a chance to reach incredible heights that might have seemed impossible before.

“All of a sudden a light bulb hits and they better. Then they get that opportunity to stand up there on a stage with all of their teammates. And they’ve worked so hard, for me that’s what fills my heart with joy,” sand Archery Co-Head Coach Nic Clark.

“We’ve had kids that have some social and emotional challenges. They just can’t compete in other sports. But they come into archery and you see their confidence build as they get better and better in archery,” said Raymer.

Archery practice requires discipline and a strict attention to detail. The Wynnbrook archers have realized that those skills have helped them outside of the sport as well.

“I’ve learned how to focus better, and just take big projects or assignments one step at a time. Rather than tackle it all at once,” said Eshman.

The Wynnbrook Christian Archers are heading back to one of the biggest stages in their sport, the National Competition in Louisville, Kentucky. Wynnbrook hopes not to just participate but to stand on top of the podium when the dust settles when the compete against hundreds of teams.

“When you go to Nationals you have about 900 teams. So you know our hope is to finish in the top 10. We’ve done that before and we hope to do that again,” said Raymer.

The National Competition the Wynnbrook Christian School team will compete in will take place from May 11th to May 13th.