You can help tornado victims by literally picking up the pieces

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Over the last 10 days, there have been many storm stories. A lot of people have helped clean up the mess and donated thousands of dollars. 

One Harris County woman — Rachel Crumbley — found that helping may be as simple as walking around your yard. 

Rachel Crumbly today about what she found just walking her property.  

The March 3 tornadoes that struck East Alabama and West Georgia, blew pieces of people’s lives across two states 


“I started finding shingles,” Crumbley said. “Then I found some siding. I found little scraps of Styrofoam. Then I found a tiny, tiny, little piece of paper.” 

When she found the piece of a Direct TV bill, it stopped her cold. The name on the top was Marshall L. Grimes.

She Googled it. 

“So, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and I put the name in and I put AL for Alabama,” Crumbley said. “Then the WRBL story came up and he was one of the victims.” 

Crumbley is not the only one who has found items that were blown away. 

A banner for the Lee County Flea Market blew from Smiths Station to Hamilton, Ga. An Opelika check was found in Macon, Georgia. 

There is a science behind it. 

“Updrafts of these tornadoes carry debris for miles away,” News 3’s chief meteorologist Bob Jeswald said. “You understand that when a tornado moves, it does not take any path like a road would. It’s going to take the shortest route in nautical miles. The updraft is so strong, debris can be carried in some cases hundreds of miles away.” 

Crumbley just wants people who live in the storm’s path to do what she did – check their yards for items. 

“I just want them to go out and take the time to go look for things. They can concentrate their efforts on their lots or their land to find items to return to these people and help them find any semblance of connection to the people who may have perished.” 

If you find items that belonged to storm victims, there is a Facebook page — Lost Treasures and Photographs for Beauregard tornado victims. You can post photos there. 

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