Young Columbus man carries out act he says was ordained by God

Local News

A local Chick-Fil-A worker recently performed a service many people would shy away from. 

18-year-old Levi Jones described to News 3 what he calls an act of God. Levi works at the Chick-Fil-A on Whittlesey Boulevard.

Jones says, recently the Lord moved him to help a man in need, saying this is the Lord’s way of showing, His love surpasses all understanding.

“Walter was sitting under that tree right there, kind of slumped over. He had his eyes closed, looked very tired. I went over to him. God led me over there to speak to him. I asked him how he was doing..if I can get him any food. I noticed he didn’t have on any shoes on his feet. The Lord told me to give my shoes to him and that’s exactly what I did,” says Jones.

Jones says this happened while he was on the clock not too long ago. He says he asked God, whether his shoes would fit the man in need.

Jones says the Lord told him that He sent the man in need to him for a reason. Jones and that man, just so happened to be the same shoe size.

After tending to the man in need, getting him a meal, and the man’s favorite drink (Dr. Pepper), Jones returned back to work without shoes. Management was kind enough to give Jones shoes that were available, but they were four sizes too big.

Despite this, Levi did not complain.

Todd Kalish, the Operator of the Chick-Fil-A says Jones’ acts are like those of the founder of the franchise, Truett Cathy.

“Truett told us always obey your kindhearted impulses and so you’re kind of channeling that and he really didn’t even learn that or hear that,.It’s just kind of in his DNA,” says Kalish.

Jones says when the Lord tells him to move he does just that.

“I love Jesus and as His son. I’m called to live and walk just like Jesus did on the earth. Jesus hung around homeless people. He took care of people, loved on people, blessed people wherever He went and so I just wanna walk as my Father which is Jesus Christ walked and live that out every single day of my life,” says Jones.

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