Local pharmacies make adjustments to meet the demand of customers during the coronavirus outbreak


Local pharmacies are changing the way they operate due to the coronavirus crisis.

Dinglewood Pharmacy says right now there isn’t a lot of foot traffic in their store. To encourage social distancing, they have curbside pickup and many people are using the drive-thru services to pick up their prescriptions.

Terri Hurley is the owner and pharmacist at Dinglewood. He says they’re not having trouble keeping their shelves stocked, but there are lots of customers coming in to buy medicine to reduce a fever, like Tylenol. 

“There seems to be a run on that acetaminophen and zinc is a preventative. I don’t know the logic behind that, but we sell a lot of that but we’re still able to get it,” Hurley said.

Hurley says you should monitor the amount of Tylenol and pain relief medication you take. 

He says too much Tylenol could damage your liver and too much Ibuprofen, which is also used as a pain reliever, could damage your liver and kidneys.

Josh Seward with U-Save-It- Pharmacy in Harris County says Tylenol is a medicine he has to consistently keep on the shelves as well.

Seward says this is in response to healthcare professionals pushing that you use Tylenol instead of Ibuprofen.

“They’ve seen in some patients that if they have a fever and they’re COVID 19 positive if they take Ibuprofen it kind of flares the infection up,” Seward said.

Seward says right now customers are mainly buying toilet paper, Tylenol, hand sanitizer and gloves.  He says their biggest challenge is keeping items in stock. 

“Every morning with our wholesale, I look and see if whether they have alcohol whether they have hand sanitizer, whether they have Tylenol, and I try to order then. Of course they’re limiting. They had alcohol in today. I’ll get some in tomorrow, but it may be one bottle or it may be 10 bottles, it may be two bottles, I’m not sure. Every morning we’re checking and trying to get everything in,” Seward said.

He says he did have a shipment of thermometers come in earlier this month, but they did not last long in stores.

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