Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – They say that teaching isn’t just a job where you punch a clock and go home. It’s a calling to be an integral part of a young person’s growth. It’s a job that requires so much of their time and energy, but teachers in the Fountain City love every minute of it.
“I found the trifecta at this school. I have the best staff to work with. I have the best support for an administration, and the best part about it is the kids here are best kids I’ve ever taught,” said St. Anne Pacelli’s Chemistry and AP Chemistry teacher Lisa Aut.

“There’s obviously so much that goes into teaching, and I love the idea of a very long term impact in terms of character. But also in terms of the mind and the academics. Really trying to tee these kids up for success in the future,” said 10th grade U.S. History and AP U.S. History teacher Hunter Chapman.

Whether the subject is chemistry, a foreign language or history there’s are some moments that excite almost every teacher. When they see that their students are engaged even after the bell rings.
“I’ve had parents call me and tell me that they were watching the news or some show on television and their kid will say ‘Oh my gosh we just talked about that in my class,” said Brookstone 8th World History Teacher Joy Bohn.

Another moment is when they see how much progress their students have made, especially if they have struggled with the subject.

“If you were to literally compare a first or second test to a test at the end of the year. To be able to see the growth in their writing or in their skills just their overall confidence in understanding, to me that’s the best part,” said Chapman.

As “Teacher Appreciation Week” wraps up this year, we asked the dedicated teachers what is the best way to appreciate them?

“I guess be understanding with the idea that we are human. We learn, just like when you’re a parent and you have different types of children and you have to change your practices with a different type of personalities with your kids. We have kids that come up every year that have different personalities as well,” said Mrs. Aut.