FORT MITCHELL, Ala. – Samsung recalled more than 2-million top-load washing machines starting back in November after reports of them exploding.

One woman in Fort Mitchell experienced that dangerous malfunction first-hand.

Norma Thornton was doing laundry like any other day… when she heard something unusual.

Thornton said, “I was doing a load of laundry and it was actually on spin cycle and my husband and i were in the bedroom and all of a sudden we heard something go boom and we thought something had fallen from upstairs.”

That’s when the family saw their Samsung washing machine had exploded.

The United States Consumer Safety Commission says 34 top load Samsung washers have been recalled.

Tim Hester is a Technician at Hester appliance.

He tells News 3, why these machines have been exploding.

“The top of the brackets on them aren’t staying shut and the boards have a variable speed on them which tells the machine the spin speed. So if you have it on delicate it spins on high speeds,” said Hester.

If you’re considering a Samsung washer, make sure it’s not being recalled.

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