Local woman spots bear in her backyard


LAGRANGE, GA- A local woman had quite the surprise Tuesday morning when she says she spotted a black bear in her yard.

“I saw that my cats were sort of lined up on the deck looking out on the woods I expected to see deer and when I walked out on the deck instead of seeing the back side of a deer I saw the backside of a bear.” Diane Harrel, Spotted Bear

According to the Human Society, bears are known to roam out of the woods this time of year.

Harrell says she would keep bird seed outside her home, that’s something the Humane Society doesn’t recommend.

“I know a bear isn’t going to cause me any trouble unless of course I continue to put bird seed out or keep food from them and attract them. I don’t think that a bear would attack pets.” Diane Harrell, Spotted Bear

The Humane Society says during the summer birds can eat natural foods. If you do set up feeders, install them away from your house.

“Don’t leave your trash out keep your cans covered bird seed, pet food, compose piles are the biggest things because they’ll just eat most of anything. It’s just very important not to try to confront or bear or trap it, or shoot it, there just doing their own thing and their just walking and don’t leave food sources out.”  Diane Harrell, Spotted Bear

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