COLUMBUS (WRBL) – Chloe White was diagnosed with Autism and Epilepsy when she was just 18 months old. The life-changing diagnosis left Chloe non-verbal. Her mother, Rebekah White had no idea where the family would go from there.

But, back in 2019, Chloe shared her wish to go to Disney World. But, unfortunately the Covid-19 Pandemic kept that from happening until now.

It’s customary that Make a Wish recipients celebrate their wish being granted with a party. Chloe and her parents wanted to make sure to include all of her classmates. On Friday August 18th, Chloe celebrated with all of her classmates in the Blue Hall at Double Churches Middle School with cupcakes, face-painting, a bouncy house, and plenty of other festivities.

Rebekah White also wants to assist any other parents that are struggling with a disabled child, and has set up an email address for anyone interested in assistance,

You can see the full interview with Chloe’s parents below.