COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – A man who allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend at an apartment complex on Buena Vista Road made an appearance in Recorder’s Court Friday morning. Quincey Wade, age 26, is charged in the shooting death Maurice Vaughn Jackson, 26, last week.

On Sept. 7, 2021, Columbus Police responded to a shooting at Patriot Place Apartments located at 3700  Buena Vista Road. During court testimony on Sept. 10, 2021 in Recorder’s Court, a homicide detective with the Columbus Police Department said upon arriving at the scene in apartment 174, investigators found three adults, one child, and the victim, in the bathroom.

The detective continued his testimony, saying he saw the apartment’s sliding glass door was ajar and the blinds were in disarray. Additionally, he said there was blood transfer leading from the sliding door to the hallway and into the bathroom, where Vaughn’s body was found. The detective told the court he discovered the bathroom door was damaged, and multiple shell casings lay on the bathroom floor. Additionally, there multiple bullet holes in both the wall and the shower curtain.

The detective further testified, investigators learned Wade was in a previous relationship with Jackson’s girlfriend, Shayna Powell. Upon interviewing Powell, detectives discovered Wade had been following and harassing Powell. The detective said Wade would send Powell messages saying he knew where she was and who she was with. The detective, said investigators were told these type of interacts between Powell and Wade would occur on a regular basis.

The detective told the court on the morning of Sept. 4, Powell received several text messages from Wade harassing her and saying he knew she was with another guy. Then on Labor Day, Powell and Jackson spent time with Jackson’s family and after spending time with family, they went to their friend’s apartment on 3700 Buena Vista Road.

According to the detective, on the day of the shooting, Powell was still receiving messages from Wade stating he knew Powell spent time with Jackson’s family. The detective said Powell ignored the messages from Wade, hoping he would leave her alone. The detective told the court once Powell and Jackson arrived to their friend’s apartment, she heard a loud banging at the door and heard Wade’s voice.

Powell asked her friend to tell Wade to leave and say she wasn’t at the apartment. The detective told the court Powell, Jackson and their friend heard the glass sliding door open and they all rushed to the bathroom. Wade then kicked the bathroom door open, Powell’s friend got scared and ducked down.

Wade’s Attorney William Kendrick told News 3 there was no sign of forced entry.

“There’s no forced entry when it comes down to the glass sliding door specifically. It wasn’t kicked open, it wasn’t broken or anything along those lines,” Kendrick said.

According to the detective, Wade fired 5-6 shots, Powell’s friend looked up and saw Jackson fall to the ground. She ran out of the bathroom and realized Wade had been shot as well. The detective told the court Powell ran out of the bathroom, took Wade’s 9 mm handgun and threw it in the living room because she wasn’t going to let him leave.

The detective said Powell tried to render aid to Jackson while calling 911. In that time, Wade managed to leave and go to the hospital in Lagrange, Ga., where police found him later that night. Wade suffered gunshot wounds to both of his legs.

According to the detective, Jackson suffered from multiple gunshot wounds, including one in his chest, his lower arm, and one entering his back and exiting through his hip.

After the detective completed his testimony, Jackson’s mother spoke to the court about her son. While giving her testimony, she diverted her attention to Wade, saying she didn’t understand why he would do this to her son, saying the two men used to play basketball together.

Wade also testified in the Recorder’s Court hearing on Sept. 10, saying he and Powell had spoken with each other while he was on the way to the apartment the day of the shooting. Wade told the court that once he arrived to the apartment, he and Powell began to argue and he was not aware that Jackson was in the apartment at the time. Wade also told the court he did not kick the bathroom door down and said Jackson was the one fired the first shot.