AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) – Scary moments after Saturday’s Iron Bowl game as a fan is pinned between two vehicles outside of Jordan-Hare Stadium. Police say the driver involved left the scene, but they were able to locate him a few blocks away. Investigators have identified the driver as 28-year old Khari Siebie of Atlanta, Georgia. Siebie is facing a DUI charge and Leaving the Scene of an Accident. Additional charges are pending.

News 3 spoke with Emily Robinson, who says she was in her vehicle with her mom and boyfriend when they heard a loud bang. The trio exited her vehicle, and she began filming as she thought their vehicle had been hit.

“The guy who was driving decided to drive forward and hit me, my mom, and pinned my boyfriend between his car and my car,” said Robinson.

You can hear Robinson’s panicked voice in the video as she sees her boyfriend is stuck between the two vehicles and can’t escape. As the crowd yells “back up, back up” to the driver, Robinson repeats, “He’s stuck, he’s stuck” over and over.

“HE did finally back up, and some guy just grabbed my boyfriend and pulled him to the curb,” said Robinson.

The driver eventually backed up, near a crowd of people. Robinson says she doesn’t know if anyone else was hurt but believes the driver hit several vehicles before driving off. Auburn police identified the driver as 28-year old Khari Siebie of Atlanta, Georgia. Siebie was arrested a short time later, a few blocks away from the incident.

“I was terrified. I was screaming. I thought he had broken his leg or hip. It was the scariest experience ever,” said Robinson.

Robinson says EMS checked out her boyfriend at the scene. The couple is back in home, where he is going to the doctor to get an x-ray. She says he does plan on pressing charges.