Video may be disturbing to some viewers.

AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) – The video of a violent fight that sent two people to the hospital this weekend in Auburn is circulating online, and difficult to watch. Auburn police confirm they’ve identified the three individuals involved in Saturday night’s altercation at an apartment complex along W Magnolia Avenue.

The video shows two young men, college-age,  fighting in a parking lot. One gains the upper hand, pins the other down, and slams his fist into his face repeatedly. The man on the bottom eventually stops fighting back. At this point, a young lady, who has been watching from the side,  tries to stop the fight by pushing the man off the person on the ground. However, he picks her up, spins her in the air, and slams her to the ground, where she lies motionless. After body slamming her, the man resumes punching the man, who appears to be unconscious, in the face. That’s where the video ends.

Auburn Police confirm both victims were transported to area hospitals where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries and released. Investigators have conducted interviews of all involved parties and tell WRBL they take these incidents extremely seriously. Detectives continue to follow-up and are asking anyone who witnessed the altercation to contact the Auburn Police Department, Detective Section. Auburn police are expected to release additional information on Monday regarding the fight and possible arrests. WRBL will keep you updated.