A Columbus man who has not watched a college basketball game all year was the only person to have a perfect bracket in the CBS Bracket Challenge. 

Chad Scrimpshire got all 16 games right on the first day of the NCAA Tournament. 

“It was not because I knew what I was doing,” he said Saturday afternoon. 

The 32-year-old Scrimpshire is part owner in two local restaurants, Jarfly and Nonic.  

“I went down through the bracket, for the most part, and just picked the ones that made sense,” he said. “Then on the rest of them, I went opposite of my instincts.” 

But how does he explain the biggest upset of the day, Oral Roberts over No. 2 seed Ohio State? 

“Easy,” he said. “I work with a guy who is a huge Ohio State fan. He kept saying even though they were a top seed, they had been playing really bad.” 

Though he was perfect on Friday, it didn’t last into Saturday. By the time the first slate of games were done, he was 1 for 4, picking only Kansas as his winner. 

In the ESPN bracket challenge, there were only 108 perfect entries on Day 1 out of nearly  15 million entries.