COLUMBUS, Ga. – Michael Jerome Johnson will spend the rest of his life behind prison walls. Monday afternoon, both Micheal Johnson and Dimitrius Gordon were sentenced by Judge William C. Rumer. Johnson was handed down life without parole for murdering Steve Toms on November 15, 2011 during a robbery at Gold and Silver Trading Center.

Dimitrius Gordon was sentenced to 25 years for armed robbery.

“The Judge handed down a very fair and reasonable sentence in regards to Mr. Gordon. The total sentence was twenty-five years to serve and we respect the judge’s decision. We respect the sentencing of the court,” said Gordon’s attorney Jennifer Curry.

Robin Lake, Steve Toms’ daughter was one of five people who read witness impact statements before the sentences was handed down. She tearfully expressed how she loved her father dearly and missed him very much. But Johnson showed no remorse, even mocking prosecutors and cursing the whole court.

Johnson’s attorney J. Mac Pilgrim says he advised Johnson of his right to speak. But He did not know Johnson would say the things he did.

“And because the Judge has some options he did not have to sentence him with life without…Or he could have sentenced life however Mr. Johnson made a statement today and it’s not something I necessarily advised him to do anything such as that,” said Johnson’s attorney J. Mac Pilgrim. “However he had a chance to speak and he took the opportunity and said what he said.”

Johnson’s attorney has filed for an appeal. The hearing date is set for December 14th, 2015. You can find the Micheal Johnson entire address to the court by clicking on the link at the top of this page.