Columbus, Ga. (WRBL)-The Valley Rescue Mission Board of Directors recently named a new CEO and president..and he’s a very familiar face.

Mike Gaymon was unanimously selected to serve during a vote last week.
Prior to his new role, Gaymon served as interim CEO and previously, a board member.
Board Chair Greg Ellington says Gaymon quickly earned the respect of the mission staff following years of service.

Gaymon, who ran the Columbus Chamber of Commerce for 26 years — spoke to WRBL this afternoon about his new role.

Mike Gaymon/CEO/President, Valley Rescue Mission: “I felt a calling and God just said “Hey, I need you right now for this season,” so we’re here working with the men and women to help them meet Christ and also meet their financial needs, spiritual needs, and emotional needs through all the various ministries that we have.”

Valley Rescue Mission has provided services to folks in our area for over 60 years.
Mike Gaymon is the former president and CEO of the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce, serving in that capacity for over 25 years.