Open for business: New jobs available at Fort Benning

Java Cafe on Fort Benning, Ga.

Java Cafe on Fort Benning, Ga.

FORT BENNING, Ga. (WRBL) – Businesses at Fort Benning are lifting COVID-19 restrictions, opening up job opportunities on post.

While many Fort Benning businesses stayed opened when the pandemic began, they did so with restrictions, leaving many with reduced hours and capacity. Now, those businesses are allowed to open at full capacity.

Marketing director Shannon Beck said even though businesses are open, they are still operating with some restrictions from the commanding general.

“Some of the restrictions are that wearing the face mask in the facilities and limiting the number of people that are there. Many of the facilities today still do have plexiglass barriers in front of the counters to protect our team members,” Beck said.

With businesses opening back up to full capacity, they have a huge demand for more employees.

“Our facilities, since we’re open, we’re getting back to our normal hours, our normal capacity. We are defiantly in need of team members, and joining an MWR team is a great place to work,”

Along with many other businesses outside of Fort Benning, they’re also having a difficult time finding employees. The base has over 150 jobs available, but very few people are applying to them.

“We’re in the same boat as a lot of people are. In our economy right now, there are a lot of positions available and we have very few people that actually apply for them.”

Places such as Fort Benning’s bowling alley, lifeguarding, bingo center, Java Café and many more are looking to hire. Beck believes that some people are still reluctant about getting back into the public and the workforce because of COVID.

“We’ve tried to take that in mind by having the mitigation strategies, face masks and that sort of thing so that people can feel comfortable getting back into the workplace and knowing that their safety is the top of our mind.”

Even though few people are applying for jobs, Beck is glad Fort Benning offers employment to folks in Columbus and the surrounding areas.

“It’s almost an unprecedented time when we have this many jobs in Fort Benning,” Beck said. “Fort Benning is a big employer in the Columbus area and a lot of times people ask me, ‘Hey how can I get a job on Fort Benning?’ Now is the perfect time, perfect time for people to come work here.”

To apply for a job at Fort Benning, visit their website at




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