Mission accomplished for United States Military Academy graduate


Marcus Seldon is a man of few words, but when it comes to his children, especially Walker for his accomplishments, it’s one the greatest joys to his life.

“He was determined to do something and he would get it done. If you told him no, he would prove you wrong,” said Marcus Seldon, Walker’s father. 

Columbus native, 25-year-old Walker Seldon graduated from the U.S Military Academy in West Point New York on May 25. The road wasn’t easy to get where he is today. I had the pleasure of speaking with Walker through Skype. He opened up saying after losing both his mother and grandfather, he fell into a black hole.

“That kind of messed me up, academically and physically that the first year,” said Walker Seldon, 2nd Lieutenant.

His grades started to worsen, resulting in him nearly flunking out of school. Suffering from concussions and a broken foot. But he didn’t get discouraged. With faith in God and a wonderful support system from family, his wife Amber and former instructors. 

“That’s when I got the perspective of those people you would never know that is looking up to you that want to see you succeed,” said Seldon. 

Despite having to fight his inner demons Walker Says he doesn’t regret taking the road less traveled. He leaves a simple message for anyone who feels broken and left astray and that is to never give up.

“It’s not going to be easy because I’ll be the first to tell you it wasn’t easy at all, but it’s rewarding at the end,” said Seldon. 

“For him to still want to be successful and to take his career and education seriously, that to me is just mind-blowing,” said Amber Seldon. 

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