Mobile County Health Department confirms fifth case of Vibrio

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Another case of vibrio is under investigation, according to the Mobile County Health Department’s Infectious Disease & Outbreak division.

This makes the fifth confirmed case for Mobile County in 2017. The first case happened back in March, when a Mobile County resident ate raw oysters in another state.

In April, a second occurrence took place, also involving eating raw oysters, only this time in Mobile County. Officials determined that the oysters were harvested and imported from another state.

In June, two more cases occurred. These both involved people with open wounds who’d gotten into the waters near Dauphin Island, the Mississippi Sound and Mobile Bay.

Vibrio bacteria, known as the “flesh-eating bacteria,” naturally live in coastal water areas and appear more frequently between May and October. Some areas can see the bacteria present year-round, depending on overall warmth.

Before entering the water, check for advisories on your local health department’s website, especially immediately following rain. Rain tends to wash sewage into waterways, which vibrio feeds on.

The Alabama Department of Public Health has issued a news release titled “Avoid entering bodies of water if you have cuts or abrasions; if injured, clean wound at once to reduce risk of infection.”

Furthermore, cook all seafood thoroughly.

More details to be released later on the fifth case once investigation is completed.

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