COLUMBUS, Ga. — The mother of the murder suspect who was hit and killed by a patrol car in Columbus is speaking out.

She says her son should not be labeled as a murder suspect, because he was set up. She sat down with News 3’s Ashley Garrett Friday.

The mother provided News 3 with a picture of 22-year-old Deonte Giles. She says she’s not clear about why her son is being accused of murder. The mom says her son was a target by a group of friends. She says before Giles died, she told him to go to police, to give his side of the story.

“I’m just here to say, I never knew anything about a warrant for my son committing murder and I just don’t want that type of publicity about my child on the news,” says Karisha Upshaw.

Karisha Upshaw is the mother of Deonte Giles. Columbus police confirm Giles was killed after he was hit by a patrol car in Columbus Thursday. It happened near the intersection of 25th Avenue and Cusseta Road just before noon. Police say Giles led police on a high speed chase. This, after he allegedly pulled a gun on a woman at the Farley Homes on Nina Street Thursday morning. Columbus Police Chief Ricky Boren also announced Giles was a suspect in last month’s Ticknor Drive murder.

“An individual was on the side of the road apparently deceased from multiple gun shot wounds and we have been working that case since that time. the individual that was in the farley homes that pointed the weapon was that individual, the one that we had warrants for, for murder,” says Chief Ricky Boren.

Dudley Jones, Jr. was the victim in the Ticknor Drive case. Upshaw says, her son did have a record, but when it comes to the Ticknor Drive murder, she says he was framed.

“I believe he was because of the people he was hanging around,” says Upshaw.

Initially Upshaw mentioned she didn’t know anything about a warrant for Giles. But she later said her son told her, he had nothing to do with the Ticknor Drive murder.

“And that’s when I tried to get him some help and he turned it down,” says Upshaw.

Upshaw says how she heard about the deadly officer-involved chase Thursday.

“I was waking up to the news. I heard it on the news,” says Upshaw.

She says thoughts began to run through her head, after rumors started to spread.

“I was just hoping it wasn’t him,” says Upshaw.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is now heading up this investigation. News 3 reached out to the GBI Friday to learn whether there was any update in the deadly officer-involved crash. We were told no other information is available at this time.